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Anonymous said: Hi, My boyfriend is really good friends with this girl, and it upsets me quite a lot. Part of me knows he won't do anything but I seem to be extremely jealous of her. I personally feel she is much better than myself, and I know if I don't stop feeling this way it will end our relationship. What advice could you give me for this particular situation? I'm just horribly confused. xx


this is tough. ive never been in your shoes but ive been the friend over and over. ive always had more guy friends than girl friends and this is a difficult situation for everyone. sometimes the guy and i can stay friends but often the jealous girlfriend wins and i am stuck without my friend until they break up. its really sad and its hard not to look at him and think he was never my friend but i know that isnt the truth. if you want to know some tragic truth about my personal life- my best friend since high school and i havent spoken for a little over a year because of a new girlfriend. i still miss him and its been hard not to hate him for being this way. 

if you trust him and your relationship is solid you have nothing to worry about. you probably have the power to hurt their friendship but you know that isnt the person you really want to be. she isnt better than you. thats crazy! why cant you be friends with her too? what is so confusing? you are being competitive with this girl when you dont need to be. you are WITH him and they are just friends. relax and talk to him about your feelings.

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my kitten says hello

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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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"what will you do if your boyfriend cheats on you?"


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